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Have you ever owed taxes at the end of the year?

Did you ever wonder why you owed more taxes at years end?

There are many reasons why taxes are owed. Simply put – you didn’t pay enough through out the year! However, what if there was more to it? Perhaps you didn’t evaluate how many expenses you actually paid from your business throughout the year. When you hire an accountant to complete your taxes for you it is important you understand what is available to you when filing your taxes. Having a tax efficiency strategy in place year after year will hedge against the surprise of owing taxes com year end.

Tax efficiency is learned with practice as well as having the tools at your finger tips to get the job done. Your best practice is hiring an accountant to explain how you can strategize to become more tax efficient. Randy Dang and his team offer advisory services as they are keen to benefit you, the individual and allow you to understand what your annual tax strategy is all about!

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